Friday’s Morning Email: Inside Trump’s Presser For The Ages


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TRUMP DENOUNCES THE MEDIA, JUDGES AND THOSE QUESTIONS ABOUT RUSSIA In a presser for the ages, President Donald Trump railed on the mainstream media, saying “fake” reporting was part of a media conspiracy that was obscuring the success of the start of his presidency, whose administration is “running like a fine-tuned machine.” He also asked an African-American reporter if she could set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus, saying “are they friends of yours?” Howard Fineman breaks down how the presser was a way to keep Congress in line. And Fox News’ Shep Smith going off on Trump’s condemnation of the press is a must-watch. [HuffPost]

TRUMP’S PICK TO REPLACE FLYNN TURNS DOWN THE NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER JOB Vice Adm. Robert Harward, a retired Navy SEAL and former deputy commander of U.S. Central Command, said no to the job after the press conference Thursday. And as for Michael Flynn ― the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is investigating his paid speaking gigs in Russia. However, the FBI is not expected to pursue charges against him. [HuffPost]

TRUMP TAPS NEW LABOR PICK If confirmed, former U.S. Attorney R. Alexander Acosta would be the first Latino in Trump’s Cabinet. [HuffPost]

NEW TRAVEL BAN COMING Trump promised a revised version, which is written to skirt the court rulings on the original executive order: “We can tailor the order to that decision and get just about everything, in some ways more.” [Reuters]

DAMS LIKE OROVILLE ARE JUST THE BEGINNING 56,000 bridges are also in trouble across the country. [HuffPost]

THE ‘LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE’ OF THE FIRST FAMILY’S TRAVEL SCHEDULE ― THAT’S COSTING TAXPAYERS “Barely a month into the Trump presidency, the unusually elaborate lifestyle of America’s new first family is straining the Secret Service and security officials, stirring financial and logistical concerns in several local communities, and costing far beyond what has been typical for past presidents — a price tag that, based on past assessments of presidential travel and security costs, could balloon into the hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of a four-year term.” [WaPo]

SEVERAL WHITE HOUSE STAFFERS WERE DISMISSED Over failed background checks Thursday. [Politico]

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