Virginia GOP Senate Nominee: Locking Up Hillary Clinton ‘Might Just Happen’

The crowd began chanting “Lock her up,” a signature refrain at Trump’s raucous campaign rallies. Stewart responded: “That might just happen, by the way. And Timmy too.” 

“Oh, we’re going to have a lot of fun between now and November, folks,” he added.

Stewart, known for anti-immigrant rhetoric, defense of Confederate statues and associations with white supremacist groups, relied heavily on his support for Trump in his primary campaign.

In a tweet Wednesday morning, Trump congratulated Stewart on his victory, and called Kaine “a total stiff.”

Tuesday’s nomination for Stewart, long considered a far-right figure, shows the extent to which support for Trump has come to define the Republican Party. 

Kaine’s spokesman, Ian Sams, said in a statement that Stewart is “a cruder imitation of Donald Trump who stokes white supremacy” and “an embarrassment for Virginia.”

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