About Us

Our Mission:
Is to use the latest tools to build a fun and useful website for ourselves. If you want to write a post, use the form below. We will proof read and post your article for you. Account creation is base on your ability to write articles or blogs.

This site acts as RSS Reader. It’s an old technology that allow you to read posted blogs from websites. We aggregate RSS Feeds and put in a format we can read. They’re for our consumption. We don’t sell or trade what we read. If somehow your articles landed here and you don’t want to share. Please ask the site where you posted to remove them. They are the source whom provided us with the syndicated blogs.

Terms to use for this site:
You can log anybody on this site for a good LOL. You can include one ads in your blog. This is a public site. We don’t monitor anything here. Make sure you have permission of your guardians or spouse to use this website. Nothing on this website belong to anybody.

We trying to see how we can generate funds so we can spread the wealth. If you have any ideas or suggestion. Please contact us.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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