Where To Buy An Instant Pot Cheap On Black Friday


If you’ve been flooding your Pinterest board with time saving Instant Pot recipes, but haven’t actually gotten your hands on one yet, Black Friday is the best time to buy.

In case you needed a reminder, the Instant Pot does the work of multiple kitchen gadgets, with the ability to slow cook, sear, sauté, steam, stew, roast, bake, cook rice and keep your food warm. Whether you’re looking for an easy, hands-off way to cook, or need reinforcements to cook a huge meal, the Instant Pot can do it all.

While the popular 6-quart Instant Pot can be bought for cheap from a few places on Black Friday including Target, Walmart and Kohl’s, you can find other models and sizes on sale this weekend too, with stacked promotions you’ll want to devour.

Hungry for more Instant Pot deals? Here are the nine best Black Friday deals for an Instant Pot below:

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