EU, UK would need a ‘no-deal deal’ after hard Brexit: Irish PM


DUBLIN (Reuters) – Britain and the European Union would need to agree a “no-deal deal” on customs and regulations within weeks of a hard Brexit to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said on Wednesday.

“It is my view that if we did end up in a no-deal situation, we would find ourselves having to negotiate a no-deal deal quite soon thereafter,” Varadkar told parliament, saying a hard Brexit might not last more than a few weeks.

“We would have to come up with some sort of a deal around regulations and customs to avoid a hard border; so the UK could honor its obligations as a member of the WTO; so that we could continue to honor our obligations as an EU member,” he said.

Reporting by Conor Humphries; Editing by Angus MacSwan

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