Stunning Time-Lapse Shows How Disney’s ‘Small World’ Transforms For The Holidays


Disneyland is gearing up for the holidays, and one of the park’s signature attractions has been given its annual makeover to celebrate the season.

A new time-lapse video released by the company last week shows how it’s a small world is drained and then transformed from the beloved classic into a ride through the holiday season around the world:

The company said it takes 18 days to makeover the interior of the ride, which gets additions such as a 14-foot snowman and a gingerbread archway as well as piped-in scents of pine and peppermint.

The ride’s famous facade gets 50,000 lights, plus another 350,000 mini-lights in the surrounding greenery, as part of a 35-day exterior makeover. The facade also serves as the backdrop of a holiday-themed light show using 3D projection-mapping technology.

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