Trevor Noah: Trump’s Super Power Is ‘Superhuman Stupidity’


The federal government’s latest report on climate change and President Donald Trump’s reaction to it have “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah very upset.

“This is big news,” Noah said. “Thirteen agencies, all part of the Trump administration, have released an official report saying that manmade climate change is not only real but its effects are already here.”

In response to the report, Trump said it was “fine” and added, “I don’t believe it.”

A flabbergasted Noah said: “You don’t? How? ‘Fine’? How? How can one man possess all the stupidity of mankind?”

Noah went on:

“It’s like they edited his genes to give him superhuman stupidity. Like the scientists in the lab were like, ‘What should we give him? Superhuman strength?’ And like, ‘Oh, that’s dangerous to society. No, no, no, no, no. Let’s make him really stupid. What’s the worst that can happen?’”

Check out the video above to see how Noah brings Maury Povich into the discussion.

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